Lynn Boylan MEP
Lynn Boylan MEP

Lynn Boylan calls for EU debate on menstrual products and period poverty


Today I am taking the first steps to introduce a resolution on menstrual products and period poverty.

I want a debate in the European Parliament calling for women's health to be on the agenda and that the highest safety standards are used in producing women's sanitary products.
Currently there is no specific regulation governing the composition and manufacture of feminine hygiene products.

Three EU countries have carried out studies on sanitary products and they all found traces of harmful chemicals. Materials used in manufacture were poorly documented, there was a lack of information for processing aids such as glue and fragrances.

In France, products were found to contain pesticides, 2 of which are banned in the EU.
These reports have led to the European Chemicals Agency saying that further expert investigation is required to assess potential health risks.

I am calling for all sanitary products to be regulated as medical devices as is the case in the US.
Also as more women are turning to sustainable products like menstrual cups. Without sufficient regulations, there is nothing stopping inferior products coming onto the market. Menstrual cups should be made of medical grade materials.

The debate will also look at how we can provide not just safe but affordable products to all women and girls. Those who are experiencing period poverty are more likely to be at risk of using cheap inferior products.

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