Lynn Boylan MEP
Lynn Boylan MEP


Dublin, come out and show your support for the Stardust families and for justice this evening

On Valentines night 1981, 48 young people went to a dance in the Stardust nightclub and never returned home. A fire broke out and the doors were chained shut. The people inside had no way out. 48 died and many were injured. The families have campaigned... Read more

Lynn Boylan will run for Sinn Féin in Europe again

Watch a video of the evening's events below. Read more

PESCO & the creation of a Militarised EU

In March 2017 the European Commission produced a white paper on the future of European Defence, which outlined what the European Commission saw as possible scenarios for the future of EU defence. This document made it clear that as far as the Commission... Read more

Single Use Plastics Directive

Single use plastic products are symptomatic of a wider economic model based upon consumer-fuelled resource exploitation. The Single Use Plastics Directive is one component in the battle to stymie rampant consumerism and tackle plastic pollution. Sinn... Read more

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