Lynn Boylan MEP
Lynn Boylan MEP

Protection of Irish Neutrality is now more important than ever - Boylan


Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan has said it is now more important than ever that Irish Neutrality is protected.

Speaking at the publication of Sinn Féin’s policy document on the subject, Ms Boylan said:

“Britain is one of the most prominent countries in opposition to the increasing militarisation of the EU.

“Britain leaving the EU has been seen by those such as Angela Merkel, Jean Claude Juncker and Emanuel Macron as a green light to drive through plans for an EU army.

“Everything is now being set out to align ourselves around this military alliance, and that is why it is more important now than ever that we have neutrality enshrined in the constitution.

“It is also crucial that we have MEPs who are going to resist further EU militarisation and increases in military expenditure. Sinn Féin in government would further oppose the establishment of an EU Army at EU Council level.”

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