Lynn Boylan MEP
Lynn Boylan MEP

My Record in Europe


Lynn is fully committed to creating a safer Ireland for women and is a spokesperson for women’s safety, speaking out against violence, the need for value of care and giving women autonomy over their reproductive rights.

In 2016 Lynn secured the support of the EU Parliament in calling on Member States to introduce paid Domestic Violence Leave. Although not legally binding, Boylan continues to campaign for safer workplaces and is currently running a campaign in Ireland to encourage public and private sectors to implement this policy within their workplace. She often reminds Ireland of its responsibility to live up to the commitment it made in 2016 and Ratify the Istanbul Convention.

In 2017, Lynn was heavily involved with the Repeal the 8th campaign in Ireland and worked to change the party’s original position on the issue to one that fully supported the recommendations of the citizens assembly. Lynn was to the fore of the party’s campaign in Ireland and canvassed nationally coming up to the referendum.


Lynn Boylan was the lead negotiator of the European Right2Water Report in Parliament, which demanded legislation to recognise access to water as a human right and assurances that water services should not be liable for privatisation due to any trade deals or liberalisation attempts.

This report followed on from the very first EU citizens initiative, which was signed by almost 2 million people across the EU.

As a result of her work on the Right2Water report, Lynn has travelled to Greece, Italy, London and Catalonia to speak on the topic of the human right to water and the EU ‘s privatisation agenda.

She spoke at the SOSTE TO NERO meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece in May 2015.

On 5th April 2016 Boylan she addressed a debate on Humans Right to Water in Rome organised by the Italian Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International co-operation.

On 22nd March 2017 Boylan was a keynote speaker on the Human Right to Water international conference in Barcelona.

She also exposed the dirty tricks campaign carried out by the EU Commission in trying to force Ireland to install domestic water meters and water charges

Lynn leads the European Parliament in objecting to the authorisation of GM food and feed imports into the EU and has been vocal on the human health and environmental threats posed by GMOs.

On June 5th 2018 Boylan travelled to Pamplona to speak at an event to present the political framework for the prohibition of the cultivation of GMOs in Navarre .

Social Justice

Lynn has a strong interest in social justice and rights which has greatly impacted her work over the past five years.

When she first took office in 2014 she began a campaign to release Dublin schoolboy Ibrahim Halawa from incarceration in an Egyptian prison. The campaign lasted for three years. During this this time Lynn travelled to Egypt in 2015 and managed to get into the Cairo prison to visit Ibrahim. Lynn authored a resolution that was overwhelmingly endorsed by the European Parliament, it called for the immediate release of Ibrahim Halawa from detention in Egypt.

She returned to Egypt twice after that to highlight human rights violations under President Sisi and in 2016, she presented the Right Livelihood Award to Egyptian Feminist Mozn Hassan. Hassan had been prevented from leaving Egypt to collect her award so Lynn was part of a delegation that brought the award to her.

Lynn has supported the families of the victims killed in Dublin’s Stardust Tragedy in 1981. In 2018 Lynn instigated the postcard campaign collecting 48,000 signatures from across Ireland and Britain requesting a fresh inquest into the deaths of the 48.



In September 2014 Lynn travelled Palestine and Israel on a four day delegation of 13 MEPs in response to images that surfaced from Gaza illustrating the collective punishment on the Palestinian people as a result of the Israeli Government’s “Operation Protective Edge”.

Since taking her seat in the European Parliament Lynn has expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine. Lynn supports BDS and has consistently called for Ireland’s boycott of the European Song contest 2019 which takes place in Israel.


In 2017, Lynn travelled to Barcelona as part of a parliamentary delegation to bear witness to Catalonia’s referendum. Lynn reported back to the EU Parliament concerning the Spanish police violence she witnessed against those who were simply exercising their democratic right to vote.

Lynn later returned to Barcelona to visit the Catalan political prisoners. She has had a number of meetings with Carles Puigdemont and has given her support to the people of Catalonia.


One of Lynn’s main concerns in her role as an MEP has been the ongoing “Militarisation” agenda within the EU, despite Ireland’s neutrality.

Lynn has been extremely critical of the Irish government’s stance which is continually watering down our neutrality through its strong support for the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) which is a European “defence cooperation” entity.

Lynn believes this to be the first step in the EU’s attempt to create a European army, a topic which the Irish government is continually silent on.

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